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Saeed Abedini and David’s Prayer

My heart is full of emotion today as I read news about the release of Idaho brother, Saeed Abedini.  I soak my mind in God’s Word, and here is one among many of the psalms that speak for my heart. … Continue reading

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Bibles & Christian “Recovery” Principles

The Serendipity Bible 12 Steps:  The Road to Recovery – “I’m hooked, and this thing is stronger than I am.  I know I need a ‘Higher Power’ and I know that ‘Higher Power’ is God.  How can God help me … Continue reading

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Reformation Day

This Friday, October 31, is Reformation Day.  In a bold move, 497 years ago, Martin Luther presented his 95 thesis of protest to the Catholic (universal) Church.  It sparked a roaring fire of reformation in western civilization.  Part of our Christian heritage is the story of how … Continue reading

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The Fundamentals of Christianity in Idaho Falls

Four hundred and eighty years ago, William Tyndale translated and published from the Greek, the epistle of I John (among the rest of the N.T.), for the English speaking people of the world.  And in doing so, he was strangled and burned at the stake. … Continue reading

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Rooted in Christ

On September 14, Pastor Matt Swenson wrote on the Gethsemane Baptist Church facebook page: PTL! This tree fell over & missed the church building! Thankfully, we know if you’re rooted firmly in Christ, you don’t have to worry about what … Continue reading

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An Apple

Who would design such an attractive, delicious delight? The primary color of red pops out amid the secondary color of green. Obviously, our modern culture has tapped into the arrangement of the color scheme but places a backward emphasis. Red … Continue reading

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Ten Thoughts on I John 1:1-2:14

While sitting on the west bank of the Snake River in Idaho Falls, here are ten of my thoughts which I quickly jotted down. For those of us who desire joy in Idaho Falls, it comes in this order:  redemption, … Continue reading

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