Reformation Day

This Friday, October 31, is Reformation Day.  In a bold move, 497 years ago, Martin Luther presented his 95 thesis of protest to the Catholic (universal) Church.  It sparked a roaring fire of reformation in western civilization.  Part of our Christian heritage is the story of how Martin Luther discovered the precious truths of Christ and His gospel within the Bible.
Luther once wrote,
When I was twenty years old, I had not yet seen a Bible.  I thought that there were no Gospels and Epistles except those that were written in the Sunday postils.  Finally, I found a Bible in the library, and forthwith I took it with me into the monastery.  I began to read, to reread, and to read it over again, to the great astonishment of Dr. Staupitz.
The message of the Bible radically changed the monk, and it became his passion to get the Bible out to the German people.
So on this Wednesday morning in Idaho Falls, I have such joy and thanksgiving to wake up and go get my Bible.  If this city had only one Bible in its possession, perhaps chained to some central location down by the Snake River greenbelt in order to provide accessibility to all, I would try to be there everyday.  It’s the hunger of a Berean.  You can’t keep us from the Bible.  Everything revolves around hearing God’s Word.  Our King speaks to us through the Bible.

About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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