Lawn & Home Care Business


In our family, my wife and I are extremely blessed by God to have four teenagers.  Our oldest teen attends college in New York on the other side of the country.  Our three younger teens (ages 17, 16, and 14) are on their way soon to collegiate adventures.

As you all know, college education is not cheap.  So we are pooling our parental and teen power together to offer lawn and home care services to you.

Do you need some assistance?

Give us call, (208) 419-9442.  Under the business banner of “Roots by the River”, the Wood family would be glad to come help you.

We can mow and trim grass.  We can do various yard work jobs.  And we can do it well.


Roots by the River Lawn Care

Notes of interest:


Their backyard is like a well maintained show place. Raised gardens edged with volcanic rocks. Beautiful. ~ Al Jackson

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