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From Judaism and Law to Christ and Grace

Title – From Judaism and Law to Christ and Grace Author – Arthur U. Michelson Publisher – Los Angeles: The Jewish Hope Publishing House, 1934 This is a fascinating window into early Jewish evangelism in America before World War II … Continue reading

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Why I am thankful for gathering with Christ’s Church in Idaho Falls

The people that I hung out with this past Sunday in Idaho Falls are the new creation in Christ.  I am amazed at what Jesus went through for them.  He died for them.  He has a mission for them.  They … Continue reading

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Complete in Christ in Idaho Falls – new study in Colossians

I am excited to share with you about the start of a new men’s Bible study, starting March 30, 2015.  Our Bible teacher will be Mike Cummins, camp director of Old Faithful Christian Ranch. The topic is the book of … Continue reading

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Christmas

President Franklin D. Roosevelt expressed the feelings of many on Christmas Eve, 1944: Here, at home, we will celebrate this Christmas Day in our traditional American way because the deep spiritual meaning to us; because the teachings of Christ are … Continue reading

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The King (12/17/03)

Kings are in much conversation, both in Hollywood and the news.  I have heard the stories of many kings.  Their power.  Their splendor.  I have seen pictures of palaces and beautiful estates where many of them have lived.  But unfortunately, all … Continue reading

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Peace for the world (12/11/03)

Recently, I took my family to a local Christmas concert.  Coming in to the newly-renovated theater, I admired the building’s interior:  beautiful plaster design, intricate octagonal tile work, and sky lights in the lobby.  We made our way up into the circular balcony.  … Continue reading

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Your continuing with Christ is because of your new life in Christ.

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Ten Thoughts on I John 1:1-2:14

While sitting on the west bank of the Snake River in Idaho Falls, here are ten of my thoughts which I quickly jotted down. For those of us who desire joy in Idaho Falls, it comes in this order:  redemption, … Continue reading

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Rivers of Living Water

In the book, Answering Your Kids’ Toughest Questions (2014), Jessica Thompson writes on page 153: “Every day our children hear messages of bad news, and they are told that all the answers they need are inside of themselves, or told … Continue reading

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