Mercy in the Margins (November – 2017)

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Have you heard the true story of Denver Moore?  It is a redemptive story of God’s grace as told in the book, Same Kind of Different as Me.  Denver is now in heaven, but he would tell people in times past:  “God is in the recycling business, turning trash into treasure.”  Continue reading

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Matthew 6:19-24

Brother Quinn Steimlosk from Emmaus Road Church preached the Word this morning while Pastor Beau and Kimberly Floyd were away in South Dakota speaking in a Missions Conference. Quinn read Matthew 6:19-34 and then specifically exegeted verses 19-24.  Continue reading

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Matthew 5:38-6:18

I am catching up on Pastor Beau Floyd’s sermon series in the book of Matthew.  In four recent sermons, he taught Matthew 5:38-6:18.  The words of Jesus convict our sinful hearts, draw us to Himself, and transform us by His gospel grace.


  1. Where does it say in the Old Testament, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”?
  2. Where does it say to “Love your neighbor and hate your enemy?”
  3. How do hypocrites give their money?
  4. How does Jesus want us to give to the needy?
  5. How do hypocrites pray?
  6. What does the Lord teach us about prayer? What is the Lord’s prayer?
  7. If one is to fast, Jesus states to do it in what way?

Continue reading

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Mercy in the Margins (October – 2017)

Hi all,

We are into the fall season as we minister to people, struggling and surviving.  As the cooler weather arrives, those who are camping need the warmth of shelter.  Battling addictions, experiencing great loss, and living in hardship, people need hope to arise in their hearts. Recently, I wrote a current snapshot of the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission.  We are busy ministering to men and women from the jail and the streets.  Meals are served every night to the community.  And in the midst of it all, we are fully engaged in sharing the gospel and promoting Christian discipleship.  There is a way out.  Jesus is that way.

Here are some of the highlights from September. Continue reading

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Gospel Rescue Missions in the Evergreen District


Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission – Anchorage, Alaska, (907) 563-5603

Fairbanks Rescue Mission – Fairbanks, Alaska, (907) 452-5343


Boise Rescue Mission Ministries – Boise, Idaho, (208) 343-2389

Idaho Falls Rescue Mission – Idaho Falls, Idaho, (208) 552-5575

The ROC Rescue Mission – Lewiston, Idaho, (208) 791-1176


Montana Rescue Mission – Billings, Montana, (406) 259-3800

Butte Rescue Mission – Butte, Montana, (406) 782-0925

Great Falls Rescue Mission – Great Falls, Montana, (406) 761-2653

Union Gospel Mission of Missoula – Missoula, Montana, (406) 542-5240


Shepherd’s House Ministries – Bend Oregon, (541) 388-2096

Outreach Gospel Mission – Brookings, Oregon, (541) 412-0278

Klamath Falls Gospel Mission – Klamath Falls Oregon, (541) 882-4895

Yamhill County Gospel Rescue Mission – McMinnville Oregon, (503) 472-9766

Medford Gospel Mission – Medford Oregon, (541) 779-1597

Portland Rescue Mission – Portland Oregon, (503) 227-0421

Union Gospel Mission – Portland Oregon, (503) 274-4483

Union Gospel Mission of Salem – Salem Oregon, (503) 967-6388


Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor – Aberdeen Washington, (360) 533-1064

Kitsap Rescue Mission – Bremerton Washington, (360) 813-5183

Lewis County Gospel Mission – Chehalis Washington, (360) 996-4474

Everett Gospel Mission – Everett Washington, (425) 740-2500

Olympia Union Gospel Mission – Olympia Washington, (360) 709-9725

TriCity Union Gospel Mission – Pasco Washington, (509) 547-2112

Bread of Life Mission – Seattle Washington, (206) 682-3579

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission – Seattle Washington, (206) 723-0767

Union Gospel Mission (Spokane) – Spokane Washington, (509) 535-8510

The Rescue Mission Tacoma – Tacoma Washington, (253) 383-4493

Christian Aid Center – Walla Walla Rescue Mission – Walla Walla Washington, (509) 525-7153

Yakima Union Gospel Mission – Yakima Washington, (509) 248-4510


Wyoming Rescue Mission – Casper Wyoming, (307) 265-3002

Good Samaritan Mission – Jackson Wyoming, (307) 733-3165


Las Vegas Rescue Mission – Las Vegas Nevada, (702) 382-1766

Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission – Reno Nevada, (775) 323-0386


Rescue Mission of Salt Lake – Salt Lake City Utah, (801) 355-1302

Salt Lake City Mission – Salt Lake City, Utah, (801) 355-6310

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Idaho Falls Rescue Mission Discipleship

Morning Bible studies – Each morning, Monday through Friday at 8:00-9:00 am, men from the IFRM Works Program and men from the City of Refuge emergency shelter gather together for Bible study and Christian discipleship

  • Mondays – Pastor Todd Wood spearheads discussion in what men heard and understood during the Sunday services in the local churches. There is opportunity to share observations, ask any questions, consider ministry opportunities and strive for real life application.
  • Tuesdays – Pastor Todd Wood has been exploring what the men are learning in their personal Bible reading, for example in Proverbs, Matthew, and now Romans. In the next twelve weeks, he will also teach on twelve biblical doctrines highlighted in the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission statement of faith. It will be “Christianity 101”.
  • Wednesdays – Patrick Jones is teaching a 10-week series on “The Story of God”. It is the Story Formed Way. Engaging.  Inspiring.  Patrick brings a combination of biblical seminary training and past recovery teaching at the Bay Area Rescue Mission.
  • Thursdays – Pastor Warren Cuppy leads a Christ-centered, biblically-based, grace-saturated twelve step program for the men. Brother Warren has a lifetime of ministry experience in jails, on the streets, and in small groups dealing with addictions.
  • Fridays – Pastor Todd Wood recently went through the twelve-week Real Life Discipleship Training Manual, which touches on all the phases of Christian discipleship, all the way from being spiritually dead to being a spiritual parent. In the future, Mark Matthews, the director of the Works Program will be entitling Friday mornings, “Family Talk Fridays,” giving opportunity to communicate frustrations and solve conflicts with Biblical solutions.

Evening Bible studies – Currently, Lynn Waters opens up the Bible with the men on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm.   If you would like to teach a Bible study during one of the nights of the week, please see Pastor Todd.

Ministry before evening meals – Pastor Todd Wood and Pastor Warren Cuppy rotate each month to share a Bible devotional on Sunday nights at 5:30 pm before the evening meal at 6:00 pm.  Sunday evening ministry is called #JesusDowntown.  On Wednesdays, Todd has initiated a testimony time at 5:45 pm before the evening meal is served.  He also teaches a Bible lesson on Thursday nights. If you would like to share a Bible devotional or provide gospel and praise music before evening meals during one of the nights of the week, please see Pastor Todd.

Tuesday noon prayer meetingEvery Tuesday during the noon hour, Christian brothers gather together for prayer and take city-wide requests to the throne room of God.

Church attendance / small groups – The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission wants every man in the IFRM Works Program to be worshiping Jesus with church families on weekends and then plugging into smaller groups during the week hosted by the local churches.

Discipling mentorsIf you would like to be a Christian discipling mentor for a man enrolled in our IFRM Works Program, please see Pastor Todd.

Monthly ministry luncheons – Every first Wednesday of the month, IFRM provides lunch for church staff, ministry leaders, and Christian servants to connect, share, and pray for one another.

Women’s Discipleship – We are currently in discussion on developing a week long discipleship program for the women.

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A Current Snapshot of the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission


The mission provides beds, showers, clothes, meals, Bibles, and the gospel of Jesus. By partnering with the Idaho Falls area, our goal is to reach the poor with the love and power of the gospel so they may become God-dependent, contributing members of society.

When women and men have no place to sleep, please encourage them to visit and inquire if there is a bed available at either of the two emergency shelters of the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission.  Women may contact the lead case manager at the Ruth House on 3120 Yellowstone Highway, while men may check in with the supervisor at the downtown City of Refuge at 840 Park Avenue.  Continue reading

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Dave Jacobson’s testimony

In 1960, Dave was born in Camden, New Jersey.  His family moved all the way across the country to the rural valley of Irwin, Idaho.  Not surprisingly, the sparsely barren country of Idaho proved to be too much of a culture shock for Dave’s mom; so the family moved back to the East.  Dave’s father believed in the LDS faith, while his mother felt comfortable in the Episcopalian denomination.  Because of the scarcity of LDS wards in New Jersey, the family settled into a local Episcopalian congregation.  And at the age of one, the bishop anointed Dave with water from the baptismal fount. Continue reading

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Mercy in the Margins (September – 2017)


Hi all,

September 17 marks two years for me in serving those who sorrow from great lost, battle addictions, struggle with illnesses, and often possess neither homes nor cars.  Many enter my office with only the clothes on their backs.

Does God love the homeless? Continue reading

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Matthew 5:33-37

My questions related to the text (ESV): Continue reading

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