A Current Snapshot of the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission


The mission provides beds, showers, clothes, meals, Bibles, and the gospel of Jesus. By partnering with the Idaho Falls area, our goal is to reach the poor with the love and power of the gospel so they may become God-dependent, contributing members of society.

When women and men have no place to sleep, please encourage them to visit and inquire if there is a bed available at either of the two emergency shelters of the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission.  Women may contact the lead case manager at the Ruth House on 3120 Yellowstone Highway, while men may check in with the supervisor at the downtown City of Refuge at 840 Park Avenue.  Continue reading

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Dave Jacobson’s testimony

In 1960, Dave was born in Camden, New Jersey.  His family moved all the way across the country to the rural valley of Irwin, Idaho.  Not surprisingly, the sparsely barren country of Idaho proved to be too much of a culture shock for Dave’s mom; so the family moved back to the East.  Dave’s father believed in the LDS faith, while his mother felt comfortable in the Episcopalian denomination.  Because of the scarcity of LDS wards in New Jersey, the family settled into a local Episcopalian congregation.  And at the age of one, the bishop anointed Dave with water from the baptismal fount. Continue reading

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Mercy in the Margins (September – 2017)


Hi all,

September 17 marks two years for me in serving those who sorrow from great lost, battle addictions, struggle with illnesses, and often possess neither homes nor cars.  Many enter my office with only the clothes on their backs.

Does God love the homeless? Continue reading

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Matthew 5:33-37

My questions related to the text (ESV): Continue reading

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El Roi & Yahweh Yireh

This morning, the family of Emmaus Road Church worshiped the Lord at the Indian Springs Resort on the west side of American Falls, Idaho.  We concluded a three day camp-out. Continue reading

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Matthew 5:27-32

I missed Pastor Beau’s preaching today because I was ministering God’s Word to the brothers and sisters up north along the I-15 Corridor in Dubois, Idaho.  But I am taking a stab at this week’s text where Jesus speaks on adultery, lust, and divorce. Continue reading

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Mercy in the Margins (August – 2017)

Grace and peace to you all,

During the month of July, I have enjoyed Christian fellowship with pastors in the area. Continue reading

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