Mercy in the Margins (April – 2019)

Hi all,

I am playing catch up. Here is a brief summary of activity for March:

  • March 1-2: OFCR, Engage Men’s Retreat
  • March 6: Ministry luncheon at the City of Refuge; 20 ministry leaders gathered to hear seven of them discuss ministry to those in addictions/incarcerated/homeless.
  • March 9: IFRM Walk in the Cold Event; memorial service at Watersprings Church
  • March 10: Providence Downtown’s one year anniversary celebration
  • March 12: Warriors for Truth Pastors Fellowship
  • March 14: Champs Heart Founder, Larry Cudmore, speaks at the IFRM staff breakfast
  • March 16: IFRM fellowship at Mike & Tiffany’s home
  • March 17: Providence Downtown begins services in the new location, The Valerie Hall.
  • March 19: Pastors Prayer for the City
  • March 22: Meeting with Jason Herring, Idaho state director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • March 23: Water baptism service in the river
  • March 26: Upper Valley Pastors Breakfast in Rexburg, Idaho
  • March 30: Eastern Idaho Regional Worship Night at the City of Refuge

Thankful to God for His providential care in our midst.

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Mercy in the Margins (March – 2019)

Here are some of the highlights from February:

  • February 2:  Attended the Clothing & Resource Giveaway at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.
  • February 3: I began a February sermon series in I Corinthians 13 at Providence Downtown Church.
  • February 6: I led a pastors’ luncheon at the City of Refuge downtown. Seventeen ministers were in attendance.
  • February 9:  This day marked two years for me being a chaplain at the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission. I attended the funeral service of a friend at Grace Falls.
  • February 10:  I began filling in for pulpit supply at Shepherd of the Falls Lutheran Church; afternoon Agape Feast at Providence Downtown Church.
  • February 14:  The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission had a Works Program and Staff breakfast.  Pastor Jacob Sonnenberg from Grace Falls was our guest speaker.
  • February 15: I supported two different friends teaching in small group Bible studies, one at Lincoln Court Retirement Center and the other in the Sonshine Room of the City of Refuge.
  • February 17:  I preached in afternoon services at the Bonneville County Jail.
  • February 27:  Providence Downtown Church begins a “Roots by the River” Bible study and discipleship group that will take place each Wednesday, 4:00 pm, at the Villa Coffeehouse downtown.

Would you like to contribute financially on a monthly basis to my missionary work?  Here are three ways: (1) Send the contribution to Emmaus Road Church and specifically mark it as “missionary fund for Todd Wood”, or (2) You are welcome to give directly to me.  For the month of February, I received $850 in monthly support.  Thank you so much!

On the home front:

We are so grateful and proud of our four kids: Elon is working steadily in lower management at our local hospital and also providing some case management for one of the counseling agencies in town.  During March, Hannah’s job will be paying her to spend a week in San Francisco for college recruitment.  Mariah is getting straight A’s in her first year at the University of Idaho. Her sorority has enlisted her to be their academic chair. And Micaiah just went to state for wrestling; now he begins a spring season in track.

Prayer requests: 

  1. This weekend, March 1-3, I have thirteen men in my group who will be attending the Men’s Engage Retreat at Old Faithful Christian Ranch. The theme is “What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?”
  2. Please pray for our infant church plant–Providence Downtown.  March 10 marks one year for our ministry. It is vital that we have the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Please pray for the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission. We are hosting a “Walk In the Cold” event, March 9, that raises awareness on homelessness in our community.
  4. Pray as I connect with pastors to encourage them.

My three main ministry objectives:

  1. Be a servant missionary-pastor with Providence Downtown Church that specifically ministers to the incarcerated, the addicted, the homeless, and impoverished.  It is a church ministering and bringing mercy to those in the margins.
  2. Minister as a chaplain with the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission: (1) Encouraging and partnering with local and regional churches, (2) Discipling IFRM staff, volunteers, and residents, and providing pastoral prayer, encouragement, and counsel, and (3) Assisting with discipleship components for the IFRM Work’s Program.
  3. Be a blessing to the pastors in our city and the region.

May Jesus reign as King!

roots by the river,

Todd Wood (downtown missionary)


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Mercy in the Margins (February – 2019)

The new year has begun well.  We are grateful for God’s mercies that are new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness!

Here are some of the highlights from January: Continue reading

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Mercy in the Margins (January – 2019)

Let me share some of the highlights of 2018. Continue reading

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Mercy in the Margins (December – 2018)

Hi all,

I am currently preaching at Providence Downtown Church a five-week Christmas series through Luke 1:1-2:35.  It has been an immense joy to my heart in proclaiming the salvation and peace which comes through Jesus Christ.

For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” – Luke 2:11

I pray that you all might have a blessed Christmas season this year as we pray and partner together in ministry for King Jesus.

Here are some of the highlights from NovemberContinue reading

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Mercy in the Margins (November – 2018)

Our ministry engines have been moving at full capacity. Providence Downtown Church initiated a weekly evening Tuesday night small group at one of the local downtown Mexican restaurants, Plum Loco. The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission has eight small group Bible studies taking place each week for the residents.  And to add one more dimension, the Idaho state director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association asked if I would consider being a volunteer church coordinator in our region. I will be submitting an application.  God is good.  I am blessed to be a missionary servant in Idaho for the King of kings.

Here are some of the highlights from OctoberContinue reading

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What 14 men had to say recently about their homelessness in Idaho Falls

  1. “I felt hopeless and worthless.  It was like being in a hole I couldn’t get out of.  No one would give me a chance to get back up.”
  2. “I felt out of control.  Very humbled.”
  3. “Homelessness was the worst experience I’ve ever had to go through.  Always tired, hungry, sense of hopelessness.  I’d never wish homelessness on my worst enemy.”
  4. “I felt lost, hopeless, and inconvenient to people . . .”
  5. “I would just like to say that the Lord will provide shelter and rest as long as we are faithful.”
  6. “Being homeless was a very humbling experience.  It made more grateful for the things I had afterward.  It made me appreciate and rethink my life and the things I was doing.”
  7. “I had it all on April 20.  By the 21st I had lost it all, due to my landlord.  I will bounce back due to God’s power.”
  8. “The people in this community are genuinely good, caring people.  But we often don’t want to recognize the homelessness struggle that is in this area.  Drugs, alcohol, and other substances can play a role, but there are also low wages, difficult steps for assistance, and discrimination in housing.  We as a community can make a difference.  We just need to recognize it and act.”
  9. “I had fallen into a huge pit.  I was lost with no hope, but He is helping me to find the light on my darkest of nights.
  10. “My feelings of homelessness:  Scared, not knowing what is next, hopelessness, and wanting something better.”
  11. “Me and my girlfriend slept and lived in a van for a summer.  Being homeless is real in Idaho Falls.”
  12. “I felt hopeless, lost, worthless, and scared.  No one wants or likes me.  I felt like it didn’t matter if I was alive or dead.  Always looking for better but never finding anything better.”
  13. “Indeed, there is an issue with the homeless people.  There are a lot of underlying issues that we as a community should come together and help deal with.”
  14. “I felt empty, alone like no one wanted to lend a hand because of my past.  A hole that’s too deep to climb out of.  I felt if I fell I wouldn’t be able to get back up!  Lost in a world of darkness . . .”

October 10, 2018, is World Homelessness Day.


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