Matthew 4:12-17

I will be out of town tomorrow and the following Sunday.  So I will be missing Pastor Beau’s upcoming messages in Matthew.  But my heart is in this discipleship, gospel manual in the New Testament.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to listen to Pastor Beau’s sermon on Matthew 4:19.  Incidentally, Real Life Ministries up in northern Idaho builds a strong, working definition from that verse on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Here is a prelude – some questions related to Matthew 4:12-17.  And as you read these questions and engage with the text, go hear Pastor Beau tomorrow as he preaches these truths in Matthew’s Gospel.

Observation (questions for the head)

  1. Who has been arrested?
  2. Where is Jesus now living?
  3. What does that action fulfill in Old Testament prophecy?
  4. What are the people dwelling in?
  5. What has dawned?
  6. What did Jesus preach to all those around him?

Interpretation (questions for the head and heart)

  1. Why does God allow His servants to be treated so badly?
  2. Where is Nazareth?  Capernaum?  the territory of Zebulun and Naphtali?
  3. Who are Zebulun and Naphtali?
  4. What is the context of Matthew 4:15-16?  (Please read Isaiah 8:1-9:7)
  5. What does “repent” mean?  What is the Greek word?
  6. What is the “kingdom of heaven”?
  7. How is the “kingdom of heaven” invading our city?
  8. Where do you see God’s grace to rebellious people?

Application (questions for the heart and hands)

  1. Have you ever been arrested because of your Christian beliefs?  Do you know of a brother or sister who has been put into prison?
  2. Is the city of Idaho Falls dwelling in darkness?  If you say “yes”, why would you say that?
  3. Would you have a story to tell of how you lived in the dark?  What brought light to your path?
  4. Don’t you love seeing sunrises?  Who is the Light who has dawned in your life, ending the night?
  5. How does repentance bring about change for you?
  6. It takes true love and courage to preach repentance to others. Who do you need to talk to this week who is sitting miserably in darkness?
  7. How can you introduce your friend to Jesus?

About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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