Inductive Bible Study – Philemon (verses 1-7)


  1. Who is writing this short letter?
  2. Who is being addressed?
  3. What does Paul say to Archippus in the book of Colossians?
  4. Where did the church meet for worship?


  1. What is the relationship of the three people to each other in verse 3?
  2. Why did Christians not meet in public buildings for worship in Philemon’s day?
  3. What is grace? Peace?
  4. In verse 6, (questions by William Hendricksen)
    • Does koinonia as here used mean participation (in) or does it mean sharing (one’s bounties with others?)
    • Does tes pisteos mean in the faith or does it mean of your faith, that is, springing from your faith?
    • What does eis Christon mean and what does it modify?
    • Does en epignosei here signfify by the clear recognition or rather in the clear (or full) knowledge?
    • Does agathou have reference to the blessings or privileges that we enjoy and which should stimulate us to show kindness to others, or does it have reference to the good that we do?


  1. How many prisoners of Christ do you pray for by name?
  2. How are you a fellow laborer in Christ’s work?
  3. How may you use your house for ministry?
  4. Who do you continually make mention of in your prayers?

About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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