Student Bible Competition – Colossians

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Parents, are you looking for an end-of-the-summer event for the student in your house?  Would you have a son, daughter, or grandchild in your house who would be interested in doing some study and memorization over the course of the next four weeks?

We are offering a challenge.  Study and memorize as much of Colossians as you can in one month.

This idea has originated from a World magazine article passed on to me recently about Hannah Leary and her achievements with the National Bible Bee.

On Saturday, August 29, 1 pm, at Berean Baptist Church in Idaho Falls, we are inviting students to come and participate in two activities:  (1) orally recite what you have memorized from the book of Colossians  and (2) take a multiple choice test on the chapter content.

So far, we have $1,000 in cash prizes.  It is a possibility that we might have some more cash donations and community prizes added over the next four weeks.

The invitation is given to everyone to participate.  The age groups for competition are broken into two categories:  junior group (ages 11-14) and senior group (ages 15-18).  Please contact me to register.

Students may memorize from one of four Bible translations:  (1) KJV, (2) NKJV, (3) NASB, or (4) ESV.

On this blog, I will be posting four inductive surveys on the four chapters of Colossians over the course of the four weeks in August.

Parents and grandparents, why don’t you join the young students in this fun.  In a blog post last year, Jon Bloom lists ten reasons why you should memorize large chunks of Scripture.

Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. – Psalm 119:11


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2 Responses to Student Bible Competition – Colossians

  1. Eric Ottewitte says:

    You state ” take a multiple choice test on the chapter content.” Which chapter? Probably you meant all four chapters, i.e. the whole book of Colossians?


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