Hank the Cowdog: Faded Love

Hank the Cowdog:  Faded Love

Publisher – Puffin Books: New York, New York, 1986

Author – John R. Erickson

After reading Erickson’s book, Story Craft, I decided to pick up a “Hank the Cowdog” book from the Idaho Falls Public Library.  The first four were already checked out in the series, so I picked up #5, Faded Love.

With the best of my funny accents, I read this book at night to my 7th grade boy.  We laughed.  Who determines the age when one is too old to read about Hank, the head of ranch security?

In the book, Hank is a disillusioned by his home responsibilities, so like a prodigal he goes off in search of freedom, adventure, and romance.  It doesn’t all turn out like he expected.

The life of a prodigal is akin to a coyote who sings this song:

Me just a worthless coyote, me howling at the moon,

Me like to sing and hollor, me crazy as a loon.

Me not want job or duties, no church or Sunday School,

Me just a worthless coyote and me ain’t nobody’s fool!

John Erickson teaches character with ample doses of humor.


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