Matthew 2:13-23

Today, at Emmaus Road Church, Pastor Beau Floyd preached on the theme that “The Battle and the Victory are God’s” out of Matthew 2:13-23.  He divided the passage into three themes:  (1) God Protects, (2) Spiritual Opposition, and (3) God Directs.

My questions related to the text . . .

Observation (questions for the head)

  1. Where did Joseph flee with his family?
  2. What is Herod desiring to do?
  3. How many times do we see warnings through dreams in chapters 1-2?
  4. Who was Herod’s son?
  5. After leaving Egypt, where did Joseph and his family resettle?
  6. Jesus was to be called what?

Interpretation (questions for the head and heart)

  1. Tonight in our world, how many Christians do you think might have to flee their homes in order to live?
  2. Verse 15 quotes what Old Testament passage?  What is the context?  What is the significance of this phrase?
  3. What was the heart issue for Herod? What did he treasure so much that he would kill for it?
  4. What is the Old Testament passage for Jeremiah in connection to verse 18?  Who is Rachel?
  5. What characterized the rule of Archelaus?
  6. Where is Nazareth?
  7. Who are the prophets in verse 23?  Where do you find what they mention in the Old Testament?
  8. What does the Nazarene church believe?

Application (questions for the heart and hands)

  1. God directed Joseph through dreams?  How is God warning you this week?  What is He telling you to do?
  2. Would you have the courage to go live in another state or another country if God told you to do so?
  3. Do you have a story of how God protected you?
  4. What comfort is there for a mother of a murdered child?
  5. What leaders are seeking to destroy the work of Jesus in 2017?
  6. How might you pray and aid other Christians who are fleeing persecution?
  7. How should we respond to the massacre of children today?  Who is ultimately behind such atrocities?
  8. How have you seen God work out His precious design in the midst of the enemy’s rampage of destruction and death?
  9. Have you ever simply had to outlive your enemy?
  10. If you have an enemy, how are you responding presently?

About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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