Introduction to Meth Addiction

crystal meth

I checked out this book from the junior section of our city library.

Title – Crystal Meth (IFPL# – 616.84 IORIZZO)

Author – Carrie Iorizzo

Publisher – Crabtree Publishing Company, 2012

Facts – (1) “An estimated 20 percent of all people who try meth will become hooked.” (2) “Meth is considered rural America’s number one illegal drug of choice.” (3) “A batch of meth can be made in as little as six hours using common kitchen pots, pans, and other equipment.” (4) “An ounce of meth (30 grams) costs around $700.  A gram (0.1 ounces) costs around $100 and a quarter gram costs about $25.”

People try meth because of the fun “superhero” euphoric feelings but there is a crash and burn:  destruction of the brain chemistry, teeth decay, paranoia, and unhealthy actions, etc.

Resource websites:  Above The Influence, Teens & Drug Abuse, Find Treatment through SAMHA, The Montana Meth Project, and Narcotics Anonymous

And here are three videos that I watched.

crystal meth (2)

Sam Minsky discusses meth addictions.  And four people, Lisa, Robert, Mike, and Cody, share the recovery journey.  They talk about the initial highs but then how it all went from a love affair to a bad marriage.  The treatment is marked by a “pink cloud-honeymoon stage-I’m clean-this is exciting” to the battle against triggers and residual effects lasting up to 2 years.

crystal meth (4)

In the first segment of this video, Mary covers the effects of  (1) alcohol, (2) nicotine, (3) marijuana, (4) inhalants, (5) GHB, (6) heroin, (7) hallucinogens, (8) ecstasy, (9) cocaine, and (10) methamphetamine.  In the second segment, she proclaims hope and rebuilding through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She has founded the organization, Mothers Against Methamphetamine

crystal meth (5)

This is Mary’s second video, produced in 2006 to go along with her book.  She also has a video for teens, “The High is a Lie!


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