What difference do it make?


Title – What difference do it make?  Stories of Hope and Healing

Authors – Ron Hall, Denver Moore, and Lynn Vincent

Publisher – Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2009

This book is the sequel to Same Kind of Different as Me.  And the stories in this book will bless you just as much as the first book.  Ron shares how his relationship and ministry with Denver progressed.  Also, he opens up about his own difficult relationship with his father.  Denver provides more homespun wisdom in how to live with the love of Jesus among those who are hurting.  Sprinkled throughout are the new stories of others, inspired by Ron and Denver’s original story.  The ripple effect is stunning, bringing glory to God.

Here are some quote highlights:

“Even though you is still a human bein inside, even though you mighta been a little boy once with a mama, even though you mighta been married once with a house and a job, now you ain’t nothin.  And once that happens, people rather come up and pet a stray dog than even say hello.”  – Denver, p. 8

“Now, there ain’t no two ways about it:  some homeless folks is just plain ol’, no-account lazy.  I don’t mean to be bad-mouthin nobody, but that’s the truth.  On the other hand, though, there’s a whole lotta homeless that got that way ’cause they kept tryin and tryin, and no amount a’ tryin they done ever amounted to much.” – Denver, p. 43

“See, we don’t need to be tryin to drag the homeless, or any kinda needy people, to ‘programs,’ to ‘services.’  What people needs is people.  And needy people don’t need no perfect people neither.” – Denver, p. 45

“If all the Christians–I mean all of ’em-got outta the pews on Sundays and into the streets, we’d shut the city down.  We’d shut down hunger.  We’d shut down loneliness.  We’d shut down the notion that there is any such of a thing as a person that don’t deserve a kind word and a second chance.” – Denver, p. 56

“To really help, you’ve got to get down in the pit with people and stay with them until they find the strength to get on your shoulders and climb out.  Helping someone is when you find out how to help them move toward wholeness and then hang with them until they make a change.” – Ron, p. 59

“When you give a homeless man a dollar, what you really sayin is, “I see you.  You ain’t invisible.  You is a person.”  I tell folks to look at what’s written on all that money they be givin away; it says “In God We Trust.”  You just be the blessin.  Let God worry about the rest.” – Denver, p. 70

“Now whatever drove them to the streets from the get-go is a problem, and whatever they is usin to escape is a problem.  So now they got two problems.” – Denver, p. 73

“I’m glad the problem of homelessness is on the government’s radar.  It’s just that the problem of homelessness will never be solved by government.  That’s because government can put a roof over a man’s head and food in his mouth and even give him a job.  But government can neither love a man and lovingly hold him accountable.  The chronically homeless, whether homeless through tragic circumstance or through messes of their own making, have a whole constellation of inner issues that food, shelter, and a paycheck won’t fix.  Like Denver says, “If folks like me had the ability to do what folks like you tellin’ us to do, we’d a’ already done it.”  The chronically homeless need love, compassion, accountability, and someone to come alongside them and hold them steady as they limp along the winding, pitted road to wholeness.” – Ron, p. 175



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