Philemon (verses 8-20)

Philemon verses 8 -20


  1. On what basis does Paul make his appeal?
  2. Paul does not identify himself as an apostle but as what?
  3. How does Paul describe his relationship to Onesimus?
  4. What does Paul decide to do with Onesimus?


  1. How old is Paul during the time of this letter?
  2. What does the name “Onesimus” mean?
  3. How was Onesimus unprofitable to Philemon?
  4. What happened to runaway slaves in Paul’s day?
  5. What is Paul suggesting in verse 15?
  6. What is the Greek work for “partner” in verse 17?


  1. How would you use verse 11 as a testimony to the transforming power of the gospel?
  2. How is Paul a picture of Christ in verse 18?

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