Living By the Book

Title – Living By the Book

Authors – Howard G. Hendricks and William D. Hendricks

Publisher – Chicago:  Moody Press, 1991

A friend loaned me this copy.  It has become so wildly popular that the book has been revised with a supplement workbook and video series.  You can find it all on

Regarding Observation

I like what Hendricks says on page 39, “You want to transport your senses into the passage.  If there’s a sunset, see it.  If there’s an odor, smell it.  If there’s a cry of anguish, feel it.”  Chuck Swindoll learned to do this under the tutelage of Dr. Hendricks.  And this is what makes Beth Moore popular among people today.

“What makes a person a better Bible student than another?  He can see more, that’s all.  The same truth is available to both of them in the text.  The only difference between them is what either one can see in a cubic foot of space” (p. 47).

Regarding some of our problems with Bible study

“The church today is leading people to Christ, but sometimes they are in the faith for ten, fifteen, or even twenty years without learning how to study the Bible.  The reason?  They don’t know where to begin.  They don’t know how to go about it” (p. 96).

“Yet I’m convinced that the reason Scripture seems dull to so many people is that we come to it dully” (p. 103).


Friends, I do believe that if you pick up Hendrick’s book and read it, you will be fired up about attempting your own personal inductive Bible study.


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