The Epistles of John: An Expositional Commentary

The Epistles of John: An Expositional Commentary

Publisher – Bob Jones University Press: Greenville, South Carolina, 1991

Author – D. Edmond Hiebert

Dr. Hiebert is not a well-known individual, but don’t let this cause you to pass over his commentaries. He provides superb, exegetical notes. His command of the Greek language, the various grammars and lexicons, New Testament introductions, and commentaries is extensive.

Hiebert writes, “This expositional treatment of the Epistles of John seeks to delve into the inspired riches of these letters to aid in their study by the diligent student. The quoted English text is that of the familiar King James Version, but the interpretation is based directly on the Greek. Although the commentary is based on a study of the Greek text, it is intended also for students who may not be proficient in their knowledge of that language. The portion under consideration is always first quoted in English with the Greek text, in transliteration, added in paranthesis. As needed, the various aspects of the Greek text are treated to bring out the fuller significance of the Johannine message. A detailed outline of these epistles, setting forth their contents, appears before the beginning of the exposition as a guide to the unfolding of the message.”

I highly recommend Hiebert’s commentary as a handy tool to add to your workshop for crafting expositions faithful to the biblical text.


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