First John

First John

Publisher – Kregel Publications:  Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1979 (1984 reprint)

Author – Robert S. Candlish

The volume is dense, a thick 577 pages.  And yet this is quite typical of a preacher’s devotion in the 1800’s to the Bible book that he would immerse himself in study.

Many might find Candlish to be too wordy, but within this book you find prayer and devotion that pours from the heart.

For instance, let me provide one quote in the leaping of Candlish’s heart as he expounds upon the words “Jesus Christ the righteous” in the opening of I John 2.

Jesus!  The name is ointment poured forth; fragrant, precious.  He is called Jesus because he saves his people from their sins.  Jesus!  my Savior! my Jesus! saving me from my sins, from myself!  Art thou indeed my advocate with the Father,–standing by me, pleading for me,–by thy Spirit pleading in me,–when, in spite of my firmest purpose not to sin, and my closest clinging to thee that I may not sin, I must still, under the pressure of sin besetting me, cry, Unclean! undone! Then indeed may I hold on walking in the light, and with a sinless aim, if thou art with me.  Jesus, save me from my sins!

Christ! the Anointed! whom the Father anoints through the Spirit; whom I also, through the Spirit, in sympathy with the Father, humbly venture to anoint! his Christ and mine!–with thee, O Christ, as my advocate with the Father;–with thee, True Mediator,–Revealer, Reconciler, Ruler,–Prophet, Priest, and King;–I will not, amid all that is discouraging in the experience of my remaining darkness, despair of yet becoming all that he who is light and who dwelleth in light would have me to be; all that thou art, O Christ!

One need not add anything to Jesus Christ.  To have Jesus Christ is to have everything.


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