The Ward of Heaven and the Wyrm in the Sea

The Ward of Heaven and The Wyrm in the Sea

Publisher – Eden Books (the youtube trailer), 2012

Author – Colin J. Cutler

My youngest daughter (9th grader) read this and didn’t quite like it.  But I read the book, enjoying it.  Of course, I am a sucker for J. R. R. Tolkein. The Ward of Heaven and The Wyrm in the Sea is 76 pages of warrior poetry.  How does one tell the story of the Trinity, Creation, Adam’s sin, Christ’s redemptive work, and the final eschatological battle where Jesus overcomes evil once and for all?  But telling it all through the mouth of an ancient Norseman?  Just ask Colin.

Here is his description of that anticipated, final day:

“The Lord of Mortaigh shall smile upon these, His people, and the Bird shall hover above them. Urventhil shall sit at His right hand.  Then shall the All-Father, All-wise from before the foundation of the earth, and ere the forming of Mortaigh, declare, “Let us keep the feast.”  And the board shall be filled with all good foods, and many mead-horns shall be filled and emptied, and many tales told, and many songs sung of Urventhil and his might.  In that day, the hearth will be bright, the rafters will be carved with great deeds, and the benches will be warmed by many glad souls.”



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