MacKenzie River Pizza Grill & Pub


I went to MacKenzie River Pizza Grill & Pub.

First off, let me say something about the décor.  The massive, sweeping Greg Hergert Photography on the walls inside this place are outstanding.  Additionally, there are few historical pictures of Idaho Falls like this one.


The trees and the boat hanging in the rafters are pretty cool as well.


Secondly, the pizza is great.  Greek Gyro.  Thai Pie.  You name it.  They got it.

Even the appetizers are scrumptious.  Try the fish taco skewers.  Fresh stuff.  True to MacKenzie’s motto – “Catch it on the fly.”  And they are seasoned to a perfection.

And the bathrooms, well, let’s just say, they designed ’em just the way I like . . . slate rock, accent wall lighting, and bark pine framing the mirrors.

Thanks Bevin for the fine service.  It was relaxing to sit in the outside patio for some Bible study.  The hostess told me that she liked the Apostle John.


I listened to the sounds of the rustling leaves moving down the sidewalks and watched the movement of the river across the street.

Overall, good job to you all, crew in Idaho Falls.


About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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