Mercy in the Margins (December – 2018)

Hi all,

I am currently preaching at Providence Downtown Church a five-week Christmas series through Luke 1:1-2:35.  It has been an immense joy to my heart in proclaiming the salvation and peace which comes through Jesus Christ.

For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” – Luke 2:11

I pray that you all might have a blessed Christmas season this year as we pray and partner together in ministry for King Jesus.

Here are some of the highlights from November

  • November 4: Worshiped at Foundation Baptist Church in Calgary, AB
  • November 6:  This Tuesday prayer meeting marked 7 years for our weekly noonday prayer meetings at the City of Refuge
  • November 7:  Ministry luncheon with 12 other city-pastors at the City of Refuge
  • November 8:  IFRM Staff breakfast – Pastor Warren Cuppy shared his testimony
  • November 12: Preached in the Sunday morning service at First Lutheran Evangelical Church
  • November 14:  I drove men from the City of Refuge to hear the Children’s African Choir at CrossPoint Community Church
  • November 17:  I ate with homeless men at the Latin Turkey Thanksgiving Celebration at Centro Evangelistico; That same evening, two men graduated from the IFRM Works Program
  • November 18:  Providence Thanksgiving Celebration.  We had lots of food and lots of men and women from the streets.
  • November 19:  We enjoyed the “Tis the Season for Music” at First Presbyterian Church.
  • November 25:  Preached in the Sunday morning service at Berean Baptist Church. This church family is close to my heart.

Would you like to contribute financially on a monthly basis to my missionary work?  Here are three ways: (1) Send the contribution to my home church, Emmaus Road Church, and mark it as “missionary fund for Todd Wood”; (2) Address mission support to Providence Downtown Church in care of my name as well, or (3) You are welcome to give directly to me.  For the month of November, I received $1,617 in monthly support.  Thank you so much!

On the home front:

We look forward to having all of our adult children home for the Christmas holidays.

Prayer requests: 

  1. Pray that Jesus Christ will be lifted up and magnified in Idaho Falls this Christmas season.
  2. Pray for the men who would like to be water baptized at the beginning of the new year, 2019.
  3. Pray for the development of intentional discipleship at Providence Downtown Church.
  4. Pray that I might make the vital ministry connection with many churches in the new year.

My three main ministry objectives:

  1. Be a servant missionary-pastor with Providence Downtown Church that specifically ministers to the incarcerated, the addicted, the homeless, and impoverished.  It is a church ministering and bringing mercy to those in the margins.
  2. Minister as a chaplain with the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission: (1) Encouraging and partnering with local and regional churches, (2) Discipling IFRM staff, volunteers, and residents, and providing pastoral prayer, encouragement, and counsel, and (3) Assisting with discipleship components for the IFRM Work’s Program.
  3. Be a blessing to the local pastors and church families.

May Jesus reign as King!

roots by the river,

Todd Wood (downtown missionary)


About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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