Mercy in the Margins (August – 2017)

Grace and peace to you all,

During the month of July, I have enjoyed Christian fellowship with pastors in the area.  (1) I am thankful for Pastor Matt of Gethsemane Baptist Church giving to me the video, The 10 Principles for overcoming stubborn habits by Steven B. Curington of Reformers Unanimous International Ministries.  Pastor Matt also donated 25 hymnals for use at our gospel rescue mission.  (2) I enjoyed meeting Pastor Jason of First Evangelical Lutheran Church and connecting on community outreach and theological books.  (3) Pastor Warren has a phenomenal ministry with the men in our IFRM Works Program on Thursday mornings.  His twelve step discipleship is Bible-saturated, gospel-centered, and Jesus-empowered.  A brother in his church family, Dubois Community Baptist Church, has been supplying us with top-quality, large-print Bibles. (4) I am praying for Pastor James Trent and Grace Falls Church. I resonate with James’ heart in taking Jesus’ love to the marginalized of humanity.

Would you like to contribute financially on a monthly basis to my missionary work?  Here are three ways: (1) Send the contribution to the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission but make sure to designate it with my name, for example, “chaplain fund for Todd Wood”. (2) Send the contribution to my home church, Emmaus Road Church, and mark it as “missionary fund for Todd Wood”. Or for option (3), you are welcome to give directly to me.  I am praying and seeking to raise my missionary financial support to at least a minimum of $2000 per month.  For the month of July, I received $735.  Thank you.

Some quick highlights from the trenches:

  • July 4 – Connected with various, local church ministries in evangelistic outreach
  • July 9 – Ten men from the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission came with me to a Christian concert with Eddie B. at the band shell in Freeman Park along the river.  For a little background info, God set Eddie free from substance abuse.  As a result, he is a missionary to men in prisons across the nation.
  • July 14 – I and a couple coworkers passed out gospel tracks and John’s Gospels during the evening in a city park.
  • July 16 – Fellowship with the BJU Western Missions Team and Pastor Joe Lacy at Grace Baptist Church in Rexburg, Idaho
  • July 22 – I revisited the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake.  I also met with Pastor Aaron Young of Grace Baptist Church in Elko, Nevada and the BJU Western Missions Team for a tour of Temple Square.
  • July 23 – I ministered to 30 men in the Bonneville County Jail.  One of the men called me the following Tuesday after he was released from BCJ in order to stay briefly at the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission.
  • July 27 – A good brother, Mike Black, shared his testimony of being freed from substance abuse by the power of Jesus in the Pure Word discipleship group at Watersprings Church.
  • July 30 – With the Emmaus Road Church family, we baptized Dave Jacobson in the river.  We celebrated his obedience to being committed as a disciple of Jesus.
  • Every Sunday night in July, I preached downtown to approximately 50 people prior to the evening meal offered at the City of Refuge.  The teaching series focused on this theme:  Jesus is Better than Beer.  Also, we have been having a great time singing the hymn, “Victory in Jesus”, every Sunday night.

On the home front:

I hope to take a quick four-day trip with my oldest daughter to the Grand Canyon on the third weekend of August before she heads back to college.  Neither one of us have ever visited to see such beauty.

Prayer requests:

  • August 6 – I will be preaching a message from the Bible to the brothers and sisters of Dubois Community Baptist Church.
  • August 10 – Pastor Ken Feliciano of Berean Baptist Church will be sharing a devotion with the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission staff during our monthly breakfast.
  • August 21 – Safety during the total solar eclipse in Idaho Falls.
  • August 25-26 – With five guys in our IFRM Works Program, we are taking an overnight missions trip to “the Block” in Salt Lake City, where the rescue mission is located.
  • August 27 – I will be ministering God’s Word to my home church family of Emmaus Road Church.

My four main ministry objectives: 

  1. Partner IFRM with local churches
  2. Disciple IFRM staff, volunteers, and residents
  3. Provide pastoral prayer, encouragement, counsel, and Biblical preaching and teaching
  4. Help facilitate discipleship components for the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission and a future gospel-based Recovery Program

Thanks for the prayers.  God bless you all.

roots by the river,

Todd Wood


About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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