Berean Baptist Church seeking a pastor

pastor search

Berean Baptist Church in Idaho Falls, Idaho seeks a pastor who will strive to strengthen the body in the following ways:
• Prepare and compellingly deliver multiple expository lessons and sermons weekly. (BBC has adopted for teaching purposes the NKJV Bible.)
• Extend hospitality toward members, regular attenders, and visitors of the church.
• Faithfully and lovingly follow the biblical model of church discipline.
• Develop among the body ministries to spiritually reach out to the community.
• Teach, model and encourage increasing congregational unity.
• Recognize and disciple faithful men to become and serve as fellow elders.
• Transition the church leadership from its present pastoral board (pastor and deacons) to a spiritual leadership consisting of the pastor and multiple elders, meanwhile maintaining and expanding the role of deacons in overseeing various practical ministries within the church.
• Strive to bring about coordination of the various ministries of the church.
• Encourage and direct the personal involvement of every member in accordance with the needs of the church and each individual’s spiritual gifts.
• Solicit and promote local church membership through a system of teaching and membership candidate interviews.
• Encourage and maintain a ministry of reverent music focused upon songs that, rather than merely imitating current secular trends, are rich in doctrine and the praise of God’s divine nature.
• Develop a ministry of biblical counseling staffed by the eldership and/or others among the congregation who are appropriately qualified.

Would you pray about this?


About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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  1. I’ll pray about it. I’m praying about where God wants me right now.


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