Why church plant?

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Church planting pushes the good news proclamation of Jesus to the forefront.  The pioneering pastors are thinking as missionaries. Ample amounts of prayer and preparation during each week are devoted chiefly to glorifying God through gospel outreach.  For ambassadors of Christ, the ambition of the day is to spread the word of reconciliation, looking outward for new opportunities, connections, friendships, and events.  Being an intentional witness is the way of life.

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Church planting mobilizes everyone in the fellowship for service to Jesus.  If you are a part of the original start-up, you cannot just be sitting and absorbing week after week.  Established fellowships have people in positions of service.  In a church plant, what you do is what gets done for Jesus.  If you don’t actively serve, who else is going to do it?

Church planting embraces the fringes where Jesus is needed.  In established churches, you have a temptation to gravitate to people who are like you.  In a church plant, it is hitting the streets and inviting people from the highways and hedges, and compelling people to come and fill the house of God.  There is no luxury to just hang with those who make you most comfortable.

Church planting accentuates new vision for Jesus.  The plan is simple: preach Jesus and Him crucified to everyone you can in order to make disciples.  You go.  You baptize.  You teach.  Everywhere.  And it is not just the preacher caught up in this great task. Also, the location is flexible:  church in a house, at the park, downtown, or in the woods.  Church planting is open to lots of suggestions — new ideas that spark and excite.

Church planting does not minimize small beginnings that come through Jesus.  Long ago among the Israelites, a new temple was built after the old was destroyed.  Some wept over the longing of former glory.  But the young shouted with joy over humble, new beginnings.  Small things are actually very BIG praises in church planting.  It is the miraculous work of God, and it’s glorious.

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Church planting drives those involved to utter dependence upon Jesus.  There is no safety net for financial income, no comfort through established groups, no building, and no operating program.  There is just Jesus.  Yet with Jesus, you have everything that you need for seeing a city change.

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I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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