Shepherding God’s Flock

Title – Shepherding God’s Flock:  Biblical Leadership in the New Testament and Beyond

Editors – Benjamin L. Merkle and Thomas R. Schreiner

Publisher – Grand Rapids:  Kregel, 2014

The following eleven men contributed chapters to this book:  James M. Hamilton Jr., Andreas J. Kostenberger, Benjamin L. Merkle, Thomas R. Schreiner, Michael A. G. Haykin, Gregg R. Allison, Nathan A. Finn, Jason G. Duesing, Shawn D. Wright, Bruce A. Ware, and Andrew M. Davis.

I read this book in the order of my interest:

First – Shawn D. Wright on chapter 9, “Baptists and a Plurality of Elders”

Second – The introduction and then chapters 1-4

Third – The conclusion, chapters 10-11

Fourth – Chapters 5, 6, and 8 on Catholicism and Anglicanism

These men would reflect my conviction on church governance – congregational rule with elders leading and deacons serving.  The biblical terminology of overseer, elder, and pastor refer to the same church office.  And each congregation should strive to recognize and honor in their midst, a plurality of shepherds.  There are leaders in the church but the final court of appeal and authority is the church congregation.


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