the Head of the Church

In the opening of two of his letters, Ephesians and Colossians, the apostle Paul declares Jesus as the Head of the Church. Each of these short epistles bring out special aspects and ministry of our Head.
If you are tempted to follow some path of deeper spirituality apart from your Head, read Colossians.  Religion in Idaho Falls has a way of seducing sheep to seek fulfillment outside of Jesus.  And we are so easily distracted.  All of us.  It is Jesus plus _________ to make our lives work.  But the minute that we take our eyes off the Head and look to our clever reasoning, our deep wisdom, our power strategies, our successful ways, our ancient traditions, our pious regulations, our dogmatic positions, and our earthly trappings, we end up in a heap of trouble personally and collectively.  The truth is this:  Jesus plus nothing equals everything.
If you are tempted to focus and dwell upon one another as sheep and not your Head, read Ephesians.  It is easy for us to fix our attention and be hung up with one another rather than looking to Jesus.  But are we the source of shalom?  Not even close.  If all we do is focus on each other throughout any given week, we will be quickly dissatisfied and easily disillusioned through the whole week.  How can any of us be happy when we spend more time thinking about another sheep rather than the Shepherd in our midst?  We are the smelly, hairy sheep that have a constant tendency to butt one another with our heads in the middle of the pasture.  All hope of reconciliation and peace with God and with one another rests squarely with our Head.  Not with us.  Jesus Himself is our shalom (Ephesians 2:14a), healing our hearts, breaking down the walls, mending the rifts, and making us one.
For every day of the Church’s existence in Idaho Falls, everything depends upon the Head.  Rightly so.  He is the Creator of the Church.  He is the One who builds the Church.  He is the Head.  This is our ongoing good and His continual glory.  Forever.
We are so thankful for Jesus, today.  We love Him.  We go to Him.  We sing to Him.  We listen to Him.  We worship Him.  We follow Him.

About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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