The Treasures of Fanny Crosby

Book title – The Treasures of Fanny Crosby

Publisher – Barbour Publishing, Inc.

I finished reading this little paper-back jewel.  It’s stellar.  If I remember correctly, I think I picked this up for free in a stack of books at one of our local Friends of the Library weekend book sales.

I have dog eared it in over a dozen places.  I have some of Fanny’s poetry memorized. I can sing word for word.  Other parts in this book have exposed brand new rhymes which I did not know.

I would desire that I could grow old and through the trials of life as graciously and contentedly as Fanny Crosby.

I highly recommend that all of you pick up this little book.  Read it.  Let Fanny inspire you to sing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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