The Life Book

The Life Book

Publisher – The Gideons International:  Nashville, TN, 2013

The Gideons in Idaho Falls recently invited my wife and me to an annual November banquet at the Loft Reception Center, located on the highway outside of Idaho Falls.  It’s a great event.  The food is spectacular; I dined on salmon.  And the guests are unique; they are the pastors and wives of Southeastern Idaho.

At each table, gracious Gideons gave to us The Life Book, a special resource for Christian teens to give to other teenagers in the public schools.

I took it home and read the entire 109 pages.  I like it.  Readable ESV print.  In a KJV culture, this tool might be held suspect.  But then again, I think the different translation might be helpful to the curious.

Four students pencil in notes throughout the book.  At first, I considered them a disruption.  But the more I read, I realized how this cross-section from agnostic to believer captures what goes on inside of the modern teen mind.  Also, an adult leader named “Uncle G.” sprinkles in helpful commentary.

I am eager to make a free order of at least 1,000.  The goal is to assemble a core group of committed teenagers to saturate their schools in Idaho Falls with the life-giving Word.


About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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