Christmas in the classroom (12/3/02)

Three months ago, I put my oldest son, Joshua, in the first grade of the local elementary school.  As my wife and I eat lunch with Joshua in the school cafeteria at separate times during the week, I am reminded of the incredible mission field only one block from my house.  When Joshua first had to fold his hands in prayer before all the school buddies at his table, it proved to be a fumbling embarrassment.  But since then there have been times where he prays clear and strong.  He is a witness.

And his daddy desires to be a witness, too.  This afternoon, I am again the art teacher in Joshua’s class.  We have been working on Christmas trees.  This is great because the true Christian can incorporate symbolism:  the triangular shape pointing to the Trinity . . . the evergreen pointing to everlasting life . . . the lights pointing to the piercing light of Christ . . . the star pointing to the birth of Christ . . . the tree itself pointing to the rugged tree upon which Jesus died to completely save us from sin and the wrath of God.

Recently while reviewing her papers, the teacher got caught up with my storytelling in the middle of an art class.  So she opened up a whole new freedom for me to come anytime for a period of storytelling.  My mind races with creative imagination.  Following the example of Christ, there is no better way to communicate truth in your neighborhood mission field than through a story.  And there is no better time as dads and moms to be gospel-proclaimers in our neighborhoods than this Christmas.  Spread the authentic “glad tidings”.


About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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