Republic: American Grill and Tapas Bar


Welcome to the Republic!

I met some super friendly people.  Idaho Falls local, Chelsey Keim, the owner, chatted a bit with me.  She has been running the restaurant for about a year now and has put a lot of love into this place.  You can tell.  And I told her how much I enjoyed her photography of the river, hangin’ on these walls.


She mentioned another local photographer, Kevin Odette, that I should look up.

Sitting down at a black tabletop by the window, I was given a menu.  With 25 different tapas (ya, the number is no misprint!) to choose from, I picked the “Republic Nachos”.


Are you tired of the typical nachos with the plastic cheese?  Then hop over here.  These are the best nachos that I have ever tasted.  Joel, the chef, made sure of it.  The food looks good.  And it’s not just an empty promise through appearance.  That plate bursts with flavor.

I think you will enjoy your experience at the Republic.  You will know Chelsey and Joel by their signs scattered through the place.  They will connect with you in fun way . . .


They are bold and adventurous with the tapas delights . . .


And they are pretty chill (that’s what makes Idahoans the best) . . .


Go there for chef-inspired cuisine, daily featured dishes, local products, and artists on display like Elise Wilding’s silk paintings.

You will find the Republic sittin’ right on the River Parkway next the downtown Snake River Falls.  This is your view across the street.  Not bad, eh?


Do you need to take some time to relax and enjoy some nice conversation?  This place is spot on.


About Todd Wood

I am a servant of Jesus in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Join me in seeking Jesus in this city.
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