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Copper Rill

The staff ladies at this place serve you with enthusiastic smiles.  The Copper Rill is located in the brick Eagle Rock Station on the west bank of the Snake River. I ate lunch here with my mother. We ate sumptuously: steak marsala soup, shrimp … Continue reading

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Hank the Cowdog: Faded Love

Hank the Cowdog:  Faded Love Publisher – Puffin Books: New York, New York, 1986 Author – John R. Erickson After reading Erickson’s book, Story Craft, I decided to pick up a “Hank the Cowdog” book from the Idaho Falls Public … Continue reading

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Reformation Day

This Friday, October 31, is Reformation Day.  In a bold move, 497 years ago, Martin Luther presented his 95 thesis of protest to the Catholic (universal) Church.  It sparked a roaring fire of reformation in western civilization.  Part of our Christian heritage is the story of how … Continue reading

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Keefer’s Island Restaurant & Catering

Keefer’s is located within the Shilo Inn on the west bank of the Snake River in Idaho Falls. New name.  New management.  New opportunities. My family dropped in on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  We practically had the whole place to … Continue reading

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Smitty’s Pancake and Steak House

The Smitty’s Pancake and Steak House has been a favorite in Idaho Falls for many, many, many years.  My parents took me here when I was a little kid. When you step inside, the first thing that you might notice … Continue reading

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Candlewood Suites

Candlewood Suites is situated on the banks of the Snake River and set up for the business person who might need to live for an extended time in Idaho Falls.  The rooms provide well-stocked kitchenettes. And there are good laundry machines … Continue reading

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A Branch of Righteousness

Years ago, we had a severe wind storm that demolished a sweet plum tree in our backyard.  But from the roots came a shoot, and this shoot has grown into a new, full tree. This backyard story of hope through new growth … Continue reading

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